Utility Vehicles Operations Policy

Gettysburg College (the "College") has instituted the following policy to ensure the safety of our students, employees and guests during the operation of utility vehicles (UVs), including: Golf Carts, Steiners, Gators, Kubotos or any other electric or gas-powered carts.

Utility Vehicle Driver Qualifications

Any person operating a College-Owned or Rented Utility Vehicle must follow all the requirements of the Fleet Operations Safety Policy. Additionally, any person operating a utility vehicle (UV) MUST:

Utility Vehicle Operations

  1. All drivers are expected to practice defensive driving and to avoid activities that have the potential to divert attention from safe driving.
  2. UVs may not be operated by anyone under the influence of illegal drugs, alcohol, or prescription drugs that prohibit the operation of motor vehicles.
  3. UVs may not exceed the recommended load capacity of the vehicle for either the number of passengers or cargo weight.
  4. Alcoholic beverages (opened or unopened) may not be transported in UVs.
  5. UVs may not be started until all occupants are seated.
  6. UVs must slow down at all intersections.
  7. UVs must be secured when unoccupied and must have contents reasonably safeguarded.
  8. UV operators are responsible for ignition keys for the period of time in which they are using the vehicle. Keys must be removed when UVs are not in use or unattended. Do not leave keys in the vehicle.
  9. When the UV is not in use for a long period of time, such as overnight, it must be secured in the appropriate location. Operators should check with supervisors or conference staff to learn of appropriate locations.

Utility Vehicle Safety

  1. Obey all traffic regulations. Observe all stop signs. Keep arms and legs inside UVs while vehicle is moving.
  2. Never back up without looking to see what is behind the UV.
  3. UVs are permitted to travel on campus sidewalks but must yield to pedestrian traffic. Pedestrians have the right-of-way on campus sidewalks at all times.
  4. Drivers must operate UVs at a slow, safe speed at all times. UVs should not exceed a brisk walking pace when operating on sidewalks. If operating on street, driver may not exceed 15 miles per hours.
  5. UV drivers may not may quick turns or stops.
  6. UVs may not block or restrict pedestrian traffic when parked on sidewalk; UVs may not restrict access in or out of buildings when parked.
  7. UVs may not be operated if the service (foot) brake, parking brakes or other critical components are inoperable or defective (see UV Maintenance).
  8. UV drivers or passengers may not stand in the vehicle or act in a manner that would be considered “horse play”.

Utility Vehicle Maintenance

  1. Inspect Utility Vehicle daily before use.
    • Check tires for proper inflation, cuts or punctures.
    • Check that steering is normal.
    • Check that forward and reverse gears are operational.
    • Check brakes for proper operation.
    • Check for any indication of battery fluid leaks, such as wet spots under the UV.
  2. UV must be taken out of service if in need of any repairs.
  3. Report any damage or maintenance needs to a supervisor immediately.
  4. Routine maintenance schedules should be followed. Contact Mike Plank, Mechanic in Facilities Services, for schedule requirements.

Utility Vehicle Test

You need to score at least 80% to pass the ONLINE TEST. Make sure you have read the UV operations policy and reviewed the SMALL UTILITY VEHICLE SAFETY powerpoint above before taking the test.