Policy and Procedures for the Use of College Vehicles

There will be times when members of the campus community will request the use of a college-owned or rented motor vehicle to complete their employment, curricular or extra-curricular activities. Use of such vehicles will be granted when the following have been successfully completed:

  1. Read the Fleet Operations Safety Policy, sign the Acknowledgement and Consent Agreement and return to Human Resources at Box 2443.
  2. Complete the online questionnaire provided by CBY systems via email.
  3. Take the online Driver Safety Training and score a minimum of 80% or more. Follow the instructions sent via email.
  4. Please note that a successfully completed road evaluation is required to drive our eleven and twelve passenger vans. Make arrangements for this by contacting the Office of Transportation at extension 6923.

College owned or rented motor vehicles will not be loaned for personal usage.


Motor Vehicle Reports:

Motor vehicle reports compile all driving information including license issue date, restrictions, accidents, violations, suspensions. The college uses an outside vendor to provide these reports. Motor vehicle reports may take up to 10 working days for persons with PA driver’s licenses and may be longer for out-of-state licenses. Please allow the appropriate amount of time for processing, when requesting driving privileges. Once an acceptable driving record has been established, the employee or student, and supervisor or student sponsor will be notified of the ability to borrow college vehicle. Driving records should be updated on an annual basis, as the college's motor vehicle records become inactive one year from the date of completion. The Motor Vehicle Report Release Forms and Motor Vehicle Reports will be maintained in the Human Resources/Human Resources Office.

New Employees:

When new staff are hired, it is the supervisor's responsibility to ensure that the required information (name and email of new hire) is sent to Human Resources via email. For those employees who are required to drive at the time of hire, the Acknowledgement and Consent Agreement of the Fleet Operations Safety Policy, the online Driver Safety Training and the online questionnaire should be completed at the time of hire. An offer of employment letter will be issued stating that continued employment is conditional pending the receipt of an acceptable driving record. New employees will not be allowed to drive college-owned or rented vehicles until an acceptable driving record is verified.

Changes in Driving Records:

Following the college’s receipt of an acceptable driving record, if a person's driving record changes within the next twelve months, the person should notify the Human Resources/Risk staff at extension 6202. An evaluation of updated driving status will be completed at this time. If the person is required to drive as part of their job responsibilities, the supervisor should also be notified.

Policy Interpretations

Questions related to this policy should be directed to the Human Resources/ Office staff at extension 6202

Executive Director of Human Resources will make Fleet policy interpretations.

Utility Vehicle Operations

Gettysburg College has instituted policy to ensure the safety of our students, employees and guests during the operation of utility vehicles (UVs), including: Golf Carts, Steiners, Gators, Kubotos or any other electric or gas-powered carts. Operations Policy