Campus Climate Study Survey

February 22, 2022

Dear Campus Community,

At Gettysburg College, we are called to create an educational environment that is welcoming and supportive of all of its students, faculty, administrators, and staff. Together, we must ensure every member of this campus is valued and has equal access to do their best work.

For this to occur and be actively sustained, it necessitates that we forge relationships built upon mutual respect and understanding; possess a competency and desire to bridge difference effectively; cultivate potential in one another and in ourselves; and advance our critical work in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We are in the process of appraising how all members of our community experience living, learning, and working at Gettysburg College via a Campus Climate Study survey. Our shared objectives are to:

  1. Identify successful initiatives
  2. Reveal any challenges facing members of our community
  3. Develop and implement strategic action steps to build upon our successes and address our challenges

The survey will be conducted and analyzed by Rankin & Associates Consulting, LLC, a respected outside consulting firm that will ensure the confidentiality of all participant responses and assist the College in more fully understanding the survey results, so we can act upon the findings with clarity. The results of the survey will be reported in group only, meaning that at no point will you be identified as an individual. Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary.

As noted in the DEI midyear update, the results will be analyzed in Spring 2022, a comprehensive report will be compiled in Summer 2022, and the report will be presented to the entire campus community in Fall 2022. All three of these steps will be solely handled by Rankin & Associates.

As a result of our last Campus Climate Study findings in 2016, the College relocated the Office of Multicultural Engagement (OME) into its own building on campus. In addition, it inspired the launch of our Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) assessment and our Inclusion Partner Program, among other initiatives.

I encourage you to take a moment to offer your perspective on the current climate at Gettysburg College. The survey is designed to illuminate the positive aspects of our climate, as well as the areas we must work to improve. We want to hear your personal experiences and observations. This is an opportunity for you to share your voice and provide suggestions for how we may grow closer as a community and be better as an institution.

This research has been reviewed and approved by the Gettysburg College Institutional Review Board. For more information, please visit the College website or review the Campus Climate Study FAQ.

I ask that you please take the full 20-30 minutes needed to complete the survey. The survey requires your Gettysburg log-in. You can access the survey at

Thank you so much for your contribution to this important work.


Bob Iuliano