Guide to Housing Selection

Gettysburg College offers a wide variety of housing options. The housing selection process is designed to help students select housing for the following year. Housing Selection consists of three Phases. There are many details to consider, therefore we ask that you read this information carefully and familiarize yourself with the processes, policies, and housing options available to you.

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Phase I:

This phase includes the following processes which take place in February, March, and April.

Greek Housing

Living Off-Campus

Disability Accommodations for Housing

College Houses

Residential Education Staff Selection

Study Abroad/Off-Campus


Phase II:

This phase involves all the processes related to Online Housing Selection.

Section 1: Things to Think About When Considering Your Housing Options

  • Room/apartment capacities and vacancies that occur during the summer
  • Housing floor plans
  • Availability of single rooms
  • Gender-Inclusive Housing
  • Special notes on Quarry Suites, Apple Hall, Ice House, and College Apartments
  • Room rates and meal plan requirements

Section 2: The Details You Should Know About Housing Selection

  • Lottery number assignments and class year designations
  • First-year students regarding First-Year Residential Experience (FYRE) participation
  • Sophomore students regarding Sophomore Success Program participation
  • Class pre-registration requirement
  • Readmitted students and students returning from a leave of absence
  • Online Housing Selection
  • Proxy process (what to do if you're unavailable to choose housing for yourself or your group at your designated time)
  • Waitlist forms (what to do if you don't get your first choice -- see Phase III)

Phase III

The following processes begin once the online housing selection process has ended in May and continue through July.