College House Leadership

The success of a College House is based on the continued collaboration and teamwork between various parties. The roles in the partnership are detailed below.

House Leaders

A House Leader (HL) is a student employed by the Office of Residential Education who acts as a liaison and advocate for College Houses. While the HL serves as liaison, mediator, administrator, and house advisor, they also facilitate the formulation of a community agreement, learning outcomes, program planning, and inspects the house on a periodic basis. HLs are supervised by the Assistant Residential Life Coordinator (ARLC) for College Houses.

Assistant Residential Life Coordinator for College Houses

The Assistant Residential Life Coordinator (ARLC) oversees the day-to-day operations of the College House program. The ARLC supports the House Leaders in their programming efforts and assists in maintaining a healthy, welcoming community. The ARLC also coordinates community-wide events that strengthens the relationship of College House residents. The ARLC also helps in the strategic planning and future development of the College House Program. Alexia Ferraro is the Assistant Residential Life Coordinator for the 2022-2023 academic year..

House Members

House residents agree to actively participate in the College House Program. Members attend all mandatory house meetings, support programs and events for their respective house, contribute to the formulation of the house’s community agreement, and assist the House Leader with responsibilities. Failure to participate in the College House Program may result in the member's loss of privilege to live in the house. Relocation of group members and/or consolidation is the prerogative of the Office of Residential Education.

House Mentors

The House Mentor is a College faculty member or administrator who has particular knowledge or expertise about the house's theme and can provide guidance and support to house activities. Each College House must have a House Mentor. It is the responsibility of the house members to identify a mentor for their group. The role of the mentor is to assist members in developing their house and program by making a connection with the house and the academic community. The mentor should have regular contact with house leaders and the Assistant Residential Life Coordinator to make sure things are going smoothly.

Associate Director of Residential Education

The Associate Director works with the all the College House partners to ensure the outcomes of the program. The Associate Director directly supervises the ARLC and frequently meets with House Leaders to optimize their programmatic goals. The Associate Director also works with House Mentors to connect the residential experience with the academic or co-curricular component. Andy Hileman is the Associate Director of Residential Education.