Guidance on the resumption of classes

Message sent March 17, 2020

The following message is being sent on behalf of Christopher Zappe, Provost.

Dear Gettysburg College Students,

In light of the extraordinary circumstances that we find ourselves in as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, I am writing on behalf of the Gettysburg College faculty to ask for your cooperation and goodwill as we prepare to resume instruction through alternative means for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester. Your faculty are now actively preparing for the resumption of teaching, advising, and mentoring during the week of Monday, March 23. I fully expect that each member of our faculty will do their very best to facilitate your learning as we complete the courses, labs, studios, and other sessions that our faculty and you have invested in over the past seven weeks of this semester. Furthermore, your faculty are eager to assist you in making critical decisions about your academic plans and goals, professional aspirations, and other matters.

As a first step, I ask that each of you to take the following actions prior to the resumption of classes on Monday, March 23:

  1. Please read your Gettysburg email regularly inasmuch as your faculty will be contacting you this week to let you know how they will be engaging you in your classes, labs, and other sessions when they resume during the week of March 23.
  2. I have reminded our faculty that you continue to be on spring break during the week of March 16, and thus they should not expect you to complete and submit any assignments or take-home examinations prior to the resumption of classes next week. I have also told the faculty that many of you left the campus for spring break without taking all of your academic materials with you. Furthermore, I have informed our faculty that many of you will not be able to complete the assignments they have given to you prior to the start of spring break until you are able to access your books, computers, and other academic materials.
  3. I have asked your faculty advisor to be in contact with you via email this week in order to assist you in making the transition to remote learning in the coming week and beyond. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your faculty advisor if you have any questions or concerns. You may also to seek assistance from the Office of Academic Advising and Student Support Services by calling (717) 337-6579 or making an appointment to speak with a member of the Academic Advising staff by visiting the Academic Advising and Student Support Services website located at
  4. Note that the Spring 2020 semester will end on Friday, May 1. Final exams (or equivalent) will commence on Sunday, May 3.

In closing, I want to you to know that our faculty and staff are dedicated to providing you with the very best educational experience through the use of technology in the remaining weeks of this semester. Furthermore, we are working to identify and support any students who might not have access to the internet. Please call GTech at (717) 337-6935 or send a message to as soon as possible if you need assistance.

If you are experiencing difficulties in the learning process during the remaining weeks of this semester, I encourage you to contact your academic advisor or the Office of Academic Advising at (717) 337-6579 immediately.

With best wishes,

Christopher J. Zappe
Gettysburg College