Winter Weather, Testing/Move-in, and Arrival Quarantine

Message sent on January 30, 2021

Jeffrey D. Foster, Interim Vice President for College Life and Dean of Students, updates students in the residential cohort about winter weather, testing, move-in, and the arrival quarantine.

Dear Students of the Residential Cohort,

Please see important updates below as we continue with arrival testing and move-in weekend. For those of you who have already tested and moved in, you may disregard the information about moving your arrival day/time due to weather.

Winter Weather, Testing, and Move-in

A winter storm watch is in effect for the Gettysburg area from early Sunday morning through Monday morning. Total accumulations are predicted to be around 6 inches. We are continuing with testing and move-in plans as scheduled with virtual classes beginning Monday:

  • We are continuing to follow our scheduled plan for testing and move-in today. Please note that the Testing Center closes today at 5:00pm and students will not be able to check in for testing/move-in after 5:00pm today.
  • If your scheduled move-in day is Sunday and you are unable to make your scheduled time, please contact Residence Life immediately by emailing
  • If you are unable to arrive on Sunday, we can arrange for you to arrive on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday between 9:00am and 5:00pm when the COVID-19 Testing Center is open.

Arrival Quarantine Clarification

As a final reminder, we strongly encourage you to review the Quarantine Level 1 parameters so that you fully understand the expectations for your Arrival Quarantine. Until you receive two negative COVID-19 tests, you are in Arrival Quarantine (Quarantine Level 1) during which time you can leave your room to pick up meals, exercise alone, do laundry, pick up mail, and visit the Health Center between the hours of 7:00a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Outside of these hours, you need to be in your assigned residence hall room.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

Dean Foster

Jeffrey D. Foster, D.Ed.
Interim Vice President for College Life and Dean of Students
Gettysburg College
(717) 337-6921