Updated masking policy for summer 2021

Message sent on June 23, 2021

Darrien Davenport, Ed.D., Assistant Secretary to the BOT/Assistant Vice President of College Life and Interim Chief Diversity Officer, updates the campus community on the College’s indoor and outdoor masking policies.

Dear Colleagues,

I hope your summer is off to a wonderful start! With pandemic conditions slowly beginning to improve due to widespread COVID-19 vaccinations, I am writing to share an important update on the College’s indoor masking policy.

Indoor Spaces

We recognize that the Governor intends to lift masking restrictions on June 28. Given the low density on campus and rising vaccination numbers across our employee population, Gettysburg College will lift its indoor masking policy for all employees who have been fully vaccinated.

Employees who are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated are expected to continue to wear a mask at all times when inside any College facility.

This new policy will go into effect immediately, and it will remain in effect until August 1, at which point the policy will be reevaluated based on current COVID conditions and as our campus density increases.

Outdoor Spaces

There has been no change to Gettysburg College’s outdoor masking policy. As announced last month, the College is not requiring masking outdoors.

On-Campus Students

As you know, we have a number of students on campus this summer, collaborating with faculty on research and pursuing other academic and career interests. The same masking policy outlined above for our employees will go into effect immediately for our summer students.

In short, if a student is fully vaccinated and they have uploaded their COVID-19 vaccination card through their Medicat Patient Portal in Medicat, the College’s HIPAA-compliant electronic medical records system in Health Services, they will no longer be required to mask indoors on campus. If a student is unvaccinated or partially vaccinated, they will still be required to mask indoors this summer until they have uploaded their COVID-19 vaccination card.


Gettysburg College highly encourages all faculty, administrators, and support staff members, as well as all students, who have yet to be fully vaccinated to do so. In support of this institutional commitment, last week Gettysburg joined many other colleges and universities across higher education in taking theCOVID-19 College Vaccine Challenge to help end the pandemic.

If you have not yet reported your vaccination to Human Resources, you should have received a message from notifications@origamirisk.com to explain how to upload your vaccination record into the secure SISCO website. Please upload your record using the secure SISCO site as soon as possible. You may also choose to send your vaccination card information to vaccine@gettysburg.edu or drop off your vaccination card at the Human Resources Office on the first floor of Pennsylvania Hall.

Thank You

I want to thank you personally for your continued support in keeping our community safe and healthy. It is only through our collective commitment—to one another and to our shared goals—that we will finally put this disruptive pandemic behind us as a society.

A closing reminder: if you have been fully vaccinated but feel more comfortable continuing to wear your mask, please know that you are welcome to do so.

Please contact Human Resources if you have any questions or concerns.


Darrien Davenport, Ed.D.
Assistant Secretary to the BOT/Assistant Vice President of College Life
Interim Chief Diversity Officer