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Human Subject Research Training Resources

The following resources are helpful for any individual who is interested in conducting research involving human subjects at Gettysburg College.

CITI Training Modules
CITI Training modules are required for all researchers interested in applying for IRB approval of research involving human subjects.  New users should set up an account as follows:

  • Click "New Users Register Here".
  • Select Gettysburg College as your "Participating Institution".
  • Complete the remaining registration form.
    • Use your Gettysburg College email address as your username.
  • Select the appropriate "Human Subjects Research" Basic/Refresher Course (Question #3)
    • Biomedical Research Investigator
    • Social & Behavioral Research Investigators
    • Students conducting no more than minimal risk research

Office of Human Research Protections (OHRP)
OHRP is the governmental agency that oversees all human research. This site has descriptions of all federal policies and guidelines concerning human subject research.

The Belmont Report
One of the two main documents that guide IRB policies and procedures, this report was published in 1979 by the National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research.

The Common Rule
The other main document that guides IRB policies and procedures.

[1] Individual agency regulations differ in wording and emphasis.  Information about the policies of particular federal agencies is available from IRB and IACUC administrators in the Provost’s office.

[2] Go to for description of Codes of Federal Regulations

[3] The Inquiry Committee must consist of individuals who do not have unresolved personal, professional, or financial conflicts of interest with those involved with the inquiry, including but not limited to the Complainant(s) and Respondent(s), and should include individuals with the appropriate expertise to evaluate the evidence and issues related to the allegation, interview the principals and key witnesses, and conduct the inquiry.

[4] In the case of federally funded research, the College will take appropriate interim administrative actions to protect Federal funds and ensure that the purpose of the Federal financial assistance is carried out.