Gettysburg Environmental Concerns Organization (G.E.C.O.)

Type: Special Interest

Gettysburg Environmental Concerns Organization

The Gettysburg College Environmental Concerns Organization (G.E.C.O.) has been a part of campus life since 1990. To continue to make positive impacts on the environment and local community, the club is often involved with campus sustainability projects, environmental advocacy and awareness campaigns, and environmental restoration projects. Each year G.E.C.O. hosts and is involved with several eco-minded events such as camping, volunteering at nature preserve within the area, campus-wide sustainability-themed weeks, and many more! G.E.C.O. has represented Gettysburg College at local and national sustainability conferences! G.E.C.O. is always looking for more members and encourages new members to join them for their meetings.

For questions, please contact:

President: Kaitlyn Talt

Vice President: Maura Conley

Advisor: Monica Ogra

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