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In Case You Missed It...

Your Orientation Packet includes:

  • First Year Walk
  • fywalk
  • international
  • move-in
  • giv
  • convocation
  • Move-In Day
  • Welcome
  • field day
  • Convocation

Getting Ready for the myFirstYear Dashboard

Information to have before you begin:

  • Health insurance information, including provider and policy holder

  • Social security number

  • Medical accommodations or doctors’ notes

  • Contact information of primary physician

  • Contact information of parents/guardians

  • AP/IB scores and credit information

  • SAT writing score

  • An updated physical and vaccination form

  • Personal photo to be used for your student ID (all 4 years)


Things to consider before you begin:

  • Have you looked over the First Year Seminar options?

  • Are you considering joining a music ensemble on campus?

  • Do you plan on participating in GIV -Gettysburg is Volunteering- Day during orientation?

  • Are you prepared to take a language placement test?

  • Do you plan on attending an Ascent Trip before orientation?

T.W.A.G: This Week at Gettysburg

Check back for updates throughout the summer from other offices and campus organizations!

myFirstYear Dashboard

The myFirstYear Dashboard is open. Emails were sentwith your specific password so you can get started! The Dashboard will close on June 15th.


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