Type: Arts and Music

Dance Team

The Bullets Dance Team consists of Gettysburg College students with an interest in dancing at the half times of men's and women's basketball games.  A music selection is picked by the captains, which is aimed at producing a performance that is upbeat and crowd pleasing.  Some of the types of dance involved include hip hop, funk, and cheer dancing. No prior dance experience is necessary.  However, it is beneficial to have some sort of background considering there are tryouts.  Tryouts are typically held in the month of October.  About a week before, rehearsals are held to teach a routine that must be performed at the tryout in front of judges.  Once the cut has been made, practices will be held up to five times a week. The captains pick out the uniforms for the dance team.  Each member is responsible for paying for his/her own uniform.


Administrative Captain: Kylee Davis

Advisor: Kelly Jones