Type: Academic, Special Interest

Entrepreneurs Club

The purpose of the Entrepreneurs Club is to inspire and educate students about entrepreneurship. Anyone has the ability to be an entrepreneur; there are no qualifications that would block him or her from their passions. Connecting with other collegiate entrepreneurial clubs, Center for Career Development, The Garthwait Leadership Center and the Eisenhower Institute will provide invaluable sources of information for the club and its members. The club will serve as a resource for students interested in the Summer Entrepreneurial Fellowship that is run by the Center for Career Development. The club will host events where select speakers can talk about entrepreneurialism. The club will reach out to alumni of the college that are actual entrepreneurs or professionals holding high positions in the business world. Speakers may even have a connection in some way to any member of the club. Other wanted speakers shall be reached out to through email and letters. The club will strive to provide connections to CEOs and Venture Capitalists for possible advice and internships. The club will recommend students to seek the services of EI, GLC, and the Center for Career Development.

For questions, please contact:

President: Matthew D'Isidoro

Vice President: Ryan Simontin

Advisor: Manuel Ruiz