Student Learning Outcomes

The Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Studies Program at Gettysburg College considers that students completing the Combined Major in Spanish and Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Studies should be able to reach the following goals:

  • Elaborate a personal, informed and critical perspective of the history, concepts, perspective, actors, events and processes of Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as about the Latino/a and Hispanic population of the United States within a global perspective (LAS 140, LAS 145, or LAS 147, Spanish 305).
  • Integrate knowledge and learning experiences of the Latin American and the Caribbean, and the Latina/o and Hispanic population of the United States into her/his own understanding of a liberal arts education (LAS 200 level, LAS 300).
  • Getting formally involved in a learning experience previously planned to go abroad with specific personal and educational goals to improve his/her skills in Spanish as well as to interact with Latin American Studies in the region, participate in formal settings of instruction in universities abroad and to inform his/her interest to deepen it later in his/her capstone.
  • Demonstrate research, analytical and communication skills by identifying specific issues in Latin American, Caribbean, and Latino Studies and carry on an interdisciplinary, integrated and systematic approach strongly informed by the research in the field in dialogue with the Humanities and Social Sciences (Spanish 305, Capstone Experience)
  • Engage in campus by participating actively in the promotion and discussion of issues related to his/her field of studies within an inclusive intellectual conversation on campus and abroad.
  • Communicate effectively his/her findings by exposing his/her work in writing probing and advance level of communication skills in Spanish (Spanish 301 or Spanish 302, Spanish 350+).