Honors Research and Thesis

Honors Research

Honors research provides those majors who have demonstrated outstanding performance in psychology course work with an intensive research experience.

Timing for Juniors/Seniors Conducting Honors Research:

  • Juniors should aim to complete one of their advanced laboratory courses by the end of their junior year (priority will be given at registration).
  • Seniors enroll in Psychology 464 Honors Research in their senior year. The course has two components:
    • A research project entailing the design and execution of an empirical study under the supervision of a staff member.
    • An honors seminar in which participants present and discuss their research projects.

Students may choose to conduct their research in either the fall or spring semester. The Honors Seminar meets during both semesters, and all students participate in all seminar meetings.

Additional Considerations:

  • Honors Research participants orally present their research findings at the end of the academic year at the Honors Symposium.
  • Students are also expected to attend departmental colloquia and other departmental events.
  • One course credit is given, usually in the spring semester.

Prerequisite: By invitation of the department only.

Honors Thesis

The opportunity to develop an Honors Thesis is designed to meet the needs of the clearly superior student.

  • Undertaken by participating students during the senior year, the Honors Thesis entails an original program of research under the direction of a thesis committee.
  • In addition to completing the formal thesis, each student presents and discusses his or her research before the entire staff.
  • Students in Honors Thesis enroll in Psychology 466 for both fall and spring semesters. Successful completion of the program entitles the students to receive credit for two courses.

Prerequisite: By invitation of the department only.

Honors Research and Honors Thesis are funded by the Jack D. Shand Psychology Research Endowment Fund.