Distinguished Teaching Award

The award for Distinguished Teaching is the highest honor that the faculty can bestow on a colleague. The winner of this award is selected annually by the Faculty Development Committee. The award is presented at the first opening Faculty Meeting.

Year Recipient Recipient's title
2022 Kathleen Cain Professor of Psychology
2021 No Award Given No Award Given
2020 Julia Hendon Professor of Anthropology
2019 Scott Hancock Associate Professor of Africana Studies and History
2018 William D. Bowman Johnson Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Humanities and Professor of History
2017 Shirley Anne Warshaw Harold G. Evans Professor of Eisenhower Leadership Studies, Political Science
2016 Joseph Grzybowski G. Bowers and Louise Hook Mansdorfer Professor of Chemistry
2015 Michael Birkner ’72, P’10 Franklin Professor of the Liberal Arts, Professor of History
2014 Jean L. Potuchek Professor of Sociology
2013 John Commito Professor of Environmental Studies
2012 Suzanne Johnson Flynn Associate Professor of English
2011 Robert Viti Professor of French
2010 Charlotte Armster Associate Professor of German
2009 William E. Parker Professor of Chemistry
2008 Judith A. Brough Professor of Education
2007 Peter J. Pella Professor of Physics
2006 Daniel R. DeNicola Provost and Professor of Philosophy
2005 Derrick K. Gondwe Professor of Economics (Awarded Posthumously)
2004 Janet M. Powers Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies and Women’s Studies
2003 Kenneth F. Mott Professor of Political Science
2002 Robert S. Fredrickson Professor of English
2001 Ralph A. Sorensen Professor of Biology
2000 Lisa Portmess Professor of Philosophy
1999 Paul R. D’Agostino Professor of Psychology
1998 Laurence Marschall Professor of Physics
1997 Alex T. Rowland Professor of Chemistry
1997 Emile O. Schmidt Professor of English (Theatre Arts)
1996 Edward J. Baskerville Professor of English
1995 Chan L. Coulter Professor of Philosophy
1994 A. Ralph Cavaliere Professor of Biology
1993 Michael J. McTighe Associate Professor of Religion (Awarded Posthumously)
1992 Gareth V. Biser Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education
1991 Ann Harper Fender Professor of Economics
1990 Leonard I. Holder Professor of Mathematics