Jamie Fleet

Jamie Fleet serves as the Democratic Staff Director for the Committee on House Administration, one of 20 standing Committees in the United States House of Representatives. In this role, Mr. Fleet is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the back-office operations of the House, including human resources, finance, technology, security and other areas of operation.

The Committee also provides oversight for the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian Institution, Government Printing Office and the appointed House Officers (Clerk of the House, Sergeant at Arms, Chief Administrative Officer, Inspector General).

One of the Committee’s most important oversight responsibilities–one in which Mr. Fleet plays a central role–is the oversight of federal elections. During the 111th Congress, the Committee staff, under Mr. Fleet’s direction, reviewed such issues as, voter registration guidelines, military and overseas voting, use of technology in facilitating expanded voting, robocalls and other campaign outreach tools. One of the Committee’s most important actions in the 111th Congress, was the House passage of H.R. 5175–the DISCLOSE Act.

Mr. Fleet’s first foray into the political arena took place at the age of 18, when he waged a successful write-in campaign and was elected to the Gettysburg Borough Council. He spent several years as a Special Assistant to Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell and eventually formed his own successful campaign consulting firm. In that capacity, he provided guidance for state and national campaigns across the country. Mr. Fleet also served as a Senior Advisor to City of Philadelphia Controller Jonathan Saidel.

His mix of national, state, local, and grassroots political experience gives him unique insight into the U.S. elections system.

Mr. Fleet is a graduate of Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania.