2022 Support Staff Dinner

The President’s Award Celebration for Support Staff

On Saturday, May 21, 2022 Support Staff and their guests gathered on campus to celebrate our retirees and honorees. We enjoyed food from Mission BBQ and dessert from Ziggy's Donuts. The event was held in the Bullet Hole and on the patio. Employees could participate in lawn games, have their photo taken with photo props, dance to the music provided by DJ John Ziegler, and enter their name for prizes that were generously donated by local businesses. We hope that everyone enjoyed the event and we thank all of the administrative staff who volunteered their time.

Please direct questions to supportstaff@gettysburg.edu.

2022 Support Staff Celebration Photos

Award winners for the web

2022 Honorees and Retirees

First NameLast NameYearsDept
Derek Brenneman 5 Dining/Food Prep
Annamarie Fetter 5 Dining/Food Prep
Kaylynn Kibler 5 Educational Technology
Vanessa Murren 5 Catering/Specialty Dining
Robin Oliver 5 German
Logan Shetter 5 Transportation Services
Ruth Topper 5 Admissions Office
Suzanne Gockowski 10 Africana Studies
Lisa Heinbaugh 10 Dining/Food Prep
Zachary Keller 10 Grounds Services
Ashley Mowery 10 Athletics Office
Edith Pigeon 10 Library Administration
Renee Vargo 10 Custodial Services
Renee Weikert 10 Infrastructure and Computing
Tina White 10 Bullet Hole
Brent Yoder 10 Bullet Hole
Lisa Antonich 15 Custodial Services
Christina Bookhultz 15 Infrastructure and Computing
Amy Flickinger 15 Custodial Services
Nick Heller 15 HVAC Services
Karen Mesher 15 Dining Student
Sally Miller 15 Financial Aid Office
Lin Myers 15 Women, Gender, and Sexuality
Terry Oyler 15 Dining Student
Melissa Bange 20 Finance & Admin Office
Eric Day 20 Dining/Food Prep
Charlene Felton 20 Bullet Hole
Travis Griffie 20 Department of Public Safety
Pamela Lafferty 20 Admissions Office
John McNally 20 Bullet Hole
Paul Miller 20 Infrastructure and Computing
Mike Plank 20 Grounds Services
Lisa McNamee 25 Library User Services
Lisa Snyder 25 Dining/Food Prep
Donald Brill 30 Dining Student
Matt Miller 30 Dining Services Office
Rose Taylor 35 Custodial Services
Cheryl Vogel 35 Biology
Ken Legore 40 Custodial Services
Sharon Kuhn 45 Financial Services Office
Katie Barako Ret President's Office
Charles Andjeski Ret Dining Student
Mark Rosensteel Ret Educational Technology
Marian Taylor-Bower Ret Dining Student
Becky Beegle Ret Admissions Office
Phil Smith Ret Dining Student
Ray Aughinbaugh Ret Custodial Services
Jody Rosensteel Ret English