Development Grant Program

Statement of Purpose

The Support Staff Development Program is designed to provide financial assistance to support staff members for purchasing required textbooks and materials and for the cost of fees when attending courses offered by Gettysburg and other colleges. We will also provide financial assistance for attending off-campus seminars, workshops, and educational programs that promote and foster professional and personal growth and development.

Program Requirements

The program is available to all support staff members who meet the following requirements:

  • The individual must be a full-time or a permanent part-time employee (working at least 1,000 hours annually) designated as a support staff member of Gettysburg College.
  • The employee must be employed by the College for a minimum of one year.
  • The employee must have his/her supervisor's approval if the program falls during normal working hours.

How to Apply

Eligible employees interested in applying for funds must submit a proposal form to The proposal should outline how attending this program will benefit the employee and should include any substantiating material (brochures, etc.). Anticipated costs should be itemized: textbooks, course materials, lab fees, and registration.

Program Approval

The approval of the program and the amount of the grant given will be at the discretion of the Training and Development Committee, the Support Staff Council, and the Director of Human Resources. The amount will not exceed $500 for any one person per fiscal year.

Proposals for grant funding will be considered by the Training and Development Committee at their regular monthly meeting. Further review and selection will be determined by the Support Staff Council and the Director of Human Resources. Once a decision has been made, the employee will be notified.

What is Not Funded

Funding will not be considered when:

  • Program or additional training is required by the support staff member’s department due to shifting job responsibilities. Employee should seek funding with his/her own department.
  • Employee has received maximum of $500 in Support Staff development grant(s) during current fiscal year.
  • Off-campus program is available at Gettysburg College. (Exceptions may be made with written rationale.)