Leadership skill development

Leadership is learned.

We believe leadership isn’t about power—it’s about empowerment. This is where you’ll learn to lead with action and integrity, in service to others and to the world that awaits.

Working with both individuals and groups, the GLC provides a yearlong Leadership Certificate program, outdoor learning expeditions, one-on-one mentoring, skills-based coaching, and a wide variety of engagement offerings that help learners discover their authentic self and how their unique talents can make a difference in the lives of those they serve.

Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute

Originally developed by leading experts at Google, the six-week virtual spring semester program teaches practical mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and leadership tools to unlock your full potential in school, work, leadership, and life.

Ascent: Outdoor Pre-Orientation Program

The goal of Ascent is to make the transition to college easier. Students build friendships, leadership skills, and self awareness by living and working together in novel and dynamic environments.

Leadership Certificate

The Gettysburg College Leadership Certificate is a one-year program that provides first-year and second-year students the opportunity to tap into their leadership potential. Students explore how their talents, skills, values, and interests inform their leadership journey at Gettysburg and beyond.

Group Facilitation Fellowship

The Group Facilitation Fellowship is an experience open to first and second year students selected through an application and interview process. You will develop group leadership, individual leadership and outdoor leadership facilitation skills.

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