Conduct Policy

What is acceptable behavior while in the library?

All library users must cooperate to maintain an atmosphere conducive to research and study. Musselman Library provides areas for study, consultation, and selection of library resources and related library activities. Any activity that interferes with these purposes is inappropriate.

Acceptable behavior:

  • treat library facilities and equipment with care
  • treat other library users and library staff with respect and cordiality
  • keep the volume of your movements or voice to a low level
  • bring only drinks with lids into the library, no cans
  • smoke or use other tobacco products outside the library
  • smoke e-cigarettes or vape outside the library
  • come to the library sober
  • leave sports equipment outside the library
  • leave animals other than service dogs outside
  • children under the age of 12 must be supervised by an adult
  • dependent children under the age of 17 may not borrow an R-rated movie without the presence or permission of their guardian

The library staff appreciates your cooperation. If you feel that your rights to a conducive study environment are being compromised, please feel free to report it to any member of the library staff.

Use of Shared Space

The public spaces in the library are meant to be used by individuals or groups temporarily. Doing otherwise unfairly limits the availability of spaces and furniture for the use of others. Library patrons may not leave personal items overnight and may not reserve a space in the library for their own. Lockers are available to students for the purpose of storing items. Personal belongings should never be left unattended. The library is not responsible for the security of personal items left unattended in the building. Unattended belongings are not to be used to reserve any study space.

Posting Signs

Student organizations recognized by the College and College Departments may post on designated bulletin boards. All posters hung in Musselman Library must comply with the Gettysburg College Freedom of Expression and Civil Discourse Policy.