Reserve A Library Space

Rooms 014 and 018

Due to the high demand for library instruction, workshops, meetings, and other library events, rooms 014 and 018 in Musselman Library are not available to faculty or other campus offices for regularly scheduled class sessions or meetings. Single-use requests can be made for reserving 014 or 018 during times when the spaces are not already reserved for library instruction or other library events.

Please note: Library events in either space take priority over single-use requests. Your reservation may be canceled if needed.

To inquire about availability in 014 or 018, please contact either:

Other campus classroom spaces may be booked through 25Live.

Reserve a Main Level Table

Musselman Library has 3 consultation tables on the Main Level next to the Research Help Desk that may be booked for group work. Use of Musselman Library's consultation tables is limited to campus-affiliated group activity. Reservations are not permitted for individual study. Users may reserve up to 2 slots (2 hours) per calendar day. Minimum of 2 people per table, maximum of 4 people per table.

Reserve a Main Level table


Lockers can be reserved at the Check Out Desk. After you reserve a locker, it is yours until you graduate. All library materials kept in a locker must be checked out to you.

Charging Station

The charging station is located on the library’s Main Level between the Research and Instruction office and the Browsing Room. The 10 charging station lockers let users store their mobile devices securely while they charge. Charging station lockers are first-come, first-served.