Digital Scholarship Summer Fellowship

In the summer of 2016, a cohort of 3 Gettysburg College students took part in the first Digital Scholarship Summer Fellowship, a  program designed to encourage creative undergraduate research. Unlike other research fellowship opportunities, the Digital Scholarship Summer Fellowship is programmatic, based on a curriculum designed to provide students a broad introduction to the field and set of practices that is the Digital Humanities. Digital tools, project management, documentation, and the philosophy behind digital scholarship are equally emphasized. While a student-created, public-facing project is an expected outcome of the fellowship, the process of getting to that point is the primary pedagogical emphasis.

The Digital Scholarship Summer Fellowship is generously funded through a Presidential Leadership Grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The grant was awarded to Gettysburg College in 2017 and, in part, funds the DSSF program through the summer of 2021.

DSSF Cohorts

Each cohort has a website that contains the curriculum for the summer, and the fellows post reflective essays about their experiences.