12 signs you’re a Gettysburgian

First-Year Walk
First-Year Walk

What are some of the telltale signs that you’re a Gettysburgian? Maybe you have a favorite tradition, you’ve taken countless pictures of the beautiful Gettysburg sunsets, or you got the dot on Get Acquainted Day.

Here are 12 signs you’re a Gettysburgian:

1. Servo cookies are your kryptonite.

Servo cookies

We’re all dying to know the recipe to the greatest cookies on any college campus, hands down.

2. You’ve taken walks on the battlefield.

The Gettysburg Battlefield offers a beautiful backdrop for walks, runs, or picnics. You can also take tours to learn more about the history.

3. You’ve lounged in Adirondack chairs.

Adirondack chairs

There’s nothing better than sitting with friends outside in front of Penn Hall or on Stine Lake to catch some rays on beautiful sunny day. (Don’t be fooled—Stine Lake is a grassy area, not a real lake!)

4. Almost everyone you know has studied abroad.

Nearly 60% of students study abroad, which means most of your friends—including yourself—will have stories to share of their experiences in a different country.

5. You have a favorite Gettysburg tradition.

International FoodFest

Is it the First-Year Walk to the Gettysburg National Cemetery during Orientation? Is it Servo Thanksgiving where faculty and staff serve you a full Thanksgiving dinner? Is it the International Food Festival? Memorable traditions are of the utmost importance here.

6. You’ve visited Washington, D.C., at least once since becoming a Gettysburgian.

Most students will visit D.C. for a class-related trip to see museums, memorials, and other landmarks. If not, weekend trips are planned for you to visit just for fun!

7. You got the dot!

Student registration at Get Acquainted Day

When accepted students visit campus on Get Acquainted Day, you’ll hear students say, “I got the dot!” This means they’ve committed to Gettysburg and commemorated the moment by placing an orange dot on their nametag for the rest of the day.

8. You’re on a first-name basis with Regina from Dining Services.

She makes it a point to address you by your name and ask how your day’s going when she swipes you into Servo, the dining hall.

9. Your professors are your biggest supporters.

Prof. Hakim Williams teaching his class outside Weidensall Hall

Whether you need academic support, professional guidance, or just someone to talk to, your professors are always there for you—in and out of the classroom.

10. You’ve earned prizes and free items from campus events.

The Office of Student Activities & Greek Life holds fun, free events like trivia, Build-A-Bae (our version of Build-A-Bear), and Midnight Madness, a late-night event where you can go sing karaoke and eat fried food at the Dining Center.

11. You’ve taken countless pictures of Gettysburg sunsets.

Sunset in the winter

There’s something special about the vibrant Gettysburg sunsets. They even paint the sky in orange and blue.

12. You know what it means to Do Great Work.

Our community makes a commitment to academic and personal success. When you become a Gettysburgian, you join an environment of driven, passionate students who care deeply about one another, and above all, Do Great Work.

By Phoebe Doscher ’22
Photos courtesy of Shawna Sherrell, Miranda Harple, Abbey Frisco, Phuong Le ’20, and Mary Beth Bielicki ’18
Posted: 04/08/22