Passport & Visas


Obtain or renew your passport immediately!

All students planning to study outside of the United States must have a passport that will be valid for at least six months after your return to the United States.  If you do not have one or need to renew your passport, you should begin the process immediately, as it can take up to 8 weeks.  The passport application and more information about obtaining a passport can be found here.

  • Typical processing time: 6-8 weeks, for an additional expediting fee it can take as few as 2-3 weeks
  • Application process: After completing the application, you must apply in person, which can be done at the Gettysburg U.S. Post Office (115 Buford Ave., appointments are required to apply for a passport).  For other passport acceptance facilities, click here
  • Passport photos: Take additional photos for ID cards, visa applications, and to bring abroad. Local options for passport photos:
    • CVS: York Rd

Obtain a Visa (If required)

It is your responsibility to verify the visa requirements of your host country, and if necessary, to obtain your visa. Contact your program to find out if you need a visa and if they provide assistance or have suggestions for obtaining one.

  • Typical processing time: Anywhere from two weeks to over three months
  • International students: If you are an international student enrolled at Gettysburg and planning to study globally, you will need to work closely with your program and the appropriate consulate(s) to ensure that you have the proper documentation, which will likely differ from that of students who are US citizens. It is often recommended to obtain your visa for study abroad in the United States rather than your home country.  Consult your program as early as possible. Do not delay getting a visa if you need one, as students have missed flights due to delays in visa processing. For students who are not US citizens, the visa process may be significantly different. It is essential that you start planning early and speak with International Student Services.
  • Warning about international travel: You typically give up your passport to obtain a visa; so international travel during the months before your departure date (especially during the summer) is not recommended.