Photo Scavenger Hunt

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Are you looking for a way to intentionally document and share your global study experience? Complete the CGE Photo Scavenger Hunt!

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What to do

Take a picture or short video that fulfills one of the items in the category list below. Send each category submission to CGE via this Google form!

We encourage you to share your submissions on your own social media as well. Be sure to add the relevant hashtag to each of your posts so your friends and CGE can follow along!

You can complete the items in any order at any time.  If you have questions about your completion status, email Bekah for an update.


  • As a CGE graduation tradition, Global Gettysburgians proudly wear flag patches of their host country on their graduation gown to honor their time abroad.  If you submit photos for 6 of the categories below, you will receive a FREE flag patch of the country you studied in to wear during Commencement!
  • Your photos may get posted on the CGE Instagram (follow us!).


#globalgburgmyhome - Take a picture of where you live (your homestay, your room, the view from your window, etc.)

#globalgburgmyschool - Take a picture of where you go to class (could be your host university, your classroom, your internship)

#globalgburgmycommute - Take a picture along the way from your home to your school.

#globalgburgmyspot - Take a picture of your favorite spot to get coffee, study, or just hang out.

#globalgburgmyfriends - Take a picture with your friends from your program or host city.

#globalgburgmyweekend - Take a picture of something you do on the weekend.

#globalgburgmydejavu - Take a picture of something in your host city that reminds you of home or Gettysburg.

#globalgburgmycity - Take a picture of something that could only happen in your host city.

#globalgburgmyperspective - Take a picture of something that changed your perspective on the world.

#globalgburgmylanguage - Take a picture of language in action in your host city (this could be you using the language or an example of language use.

#globalgburgmyreality - Take a picture of how your reality of your host city is different from your expectations.

#globalgburgmyreturn - Take a picture back home (either home or Gettysburg).