Social Media

Sharing your experience via Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, blogs, and other platforms can be a useful way to easily convey your global experiences to your family and friends back home but should be done so respectfully and safely.

Many of your family and friends' only knowledge and experience of your host country will be through what you share with them. When taking or sharing pictures remember that you are not only an ambassador of your home country and Gettysburg College but also an ambassador of your host country back to Gettysburg.

Try to avoid pictures that depict stereotypes or cliches or that are exploitative of your host culture. Always remember to be respectful. Your experience is complex, challenging, and unique - take pictures that show the world what your experience is truly like.

Remember to take pictures of your daily life. Every student has a picture in front of that iconic building or landscape but you should take pictures with your host family, your favorite cafe or coffee shop, and the places you study.

Remember to participate in the CGE Photo Scavenger Hunt!

CGE Photo Contest

Now that you’re home from your global study program, it’s time to look back through your camera roll in search for some of your best photos from your semester! The Center for Global Education is excited to invite you to submit photos that capture your global semester.

How to Participate

Submit a photo from your global study semester that best aligns with one of the categories listed below. All submissions should be made via this Google Form!

A deadline for photo submissions will be shared at the beginning of the semester in a Welcome Back email from CGE. 

You may only submit 1 photo per category, but you may submit photos for every category. Strong photos will be those that convey a unique viewpoint of yourself as a student and photographer. Check out our Instagram (@globalgburg) to see what a good picture looks like!

Winners from each category will receive a unique prize, and have their photos featured on the CGE Instagram (@globalgburg) and the CGE website


  • Global “Classroom” - Photo(s) should be of you and/or your classmates learning abroad. Pictures can be of the classroom experience, program-related excursions or field trips, during cultural events/activities, or engaging with the local culture in your host country.

  • Postcard Picture – Show us your best picture from your semester

  • “The Essence of your Experience” – This picture should represent your experience throughout the semester spent in your host city