Know Yourself

Resources for Planning Your Experiences

Gettysburg Resources – Start here!

  1. CGE advisor: experts in our program portfolio, CGE advisors can support you by addressing your initial concerns and helping to identify programs that will be a good fit for you. Make an appointment here.
  2. Center for Student Success: meeting with Dean Hoover can help students understand their current accommodations at Gettysburg College and identify what support or accommodations they will also need abroad. If you have not yet documented your accommodations with Gettysburg College you can do so by following these steps.

Secondary Resources – After speaking with either office listed above, it will likely be recommended that you connect with either or both organizations below.

  1. Healix: Gettysburg’s health, safety, and travel assistance service that students have access to 24/7 (even before you go abroad!). Students can access the Healix Assistance website or the Healix Travel Safety App by providing Gettysburg’s membership information.  Staff can answer questions about access to prescription medication, scheduling doctors or psychologist appointments while abroad, or identity specific health safety information as it pertains to your needs.
  2. Program Provider / University Contact: dedicated staff members that work specifically with the program or university you will be applying to, these folks can confirm your accommodations can be met on their program, or help you narrow down your options. Contact information can be found on the program/university website, or students can reach out to CGE to be connected.

Additional Resources - As you explore your global study options, you'll want to consider aspects of your identity and how these may be perceived and treated in the cultures you'll be spending time in. We encourage you to do some research into social norms, cultural mores, and local practices before your program begins. You'll want to participate as much as possible in the host culture and should be prepared for the experience, which can be both personally challenging and rewarding.

Global Accessibility

Students with disabilities can and should study globally. Learn more about accessibility considerations and travel outside the U.S. Please contact the Center for Global Education and the Office of Academic Advising and Student Support Services for more information.

DACA and Undocumented Students

The Center for Global Education is committed to supporting every Gettysburg student. We stand with DACAmented and Undocumented Students, and encourage students to consider one of Gettysburg’s affiliated programs in the United States.

First Generation Students

First generation college students can and do study globally. Find out more about how the study abroad process works, and how global study can enhance your goals at Gettysburg and beyond.

Gender Abroad

Travelers of all genders may encounter stereotypes and different standards for socially acceptable behaviors and gender roles. Find strategies for staying safe and comfortable abroad.

Race and Ethnicity Abroad

It’s important to reflect on how your racial or ethnic identity will be perceived abroad, as well as to gain an understanding of any ethnic or racial conflicts that exist in your host culture. Find information about racial and ethnic considerations abroad.

LGBTQ Students Abroad

If you identify as L,G,B,T, or Q and plan to study globally, find ways to prepare yourself for a different culture and its ideas about gender and sexual identity.

Dietary Concerns Abroad

Studying globally with special dietary concerns may seem to be a daunting task especially when the cuisine and diet of your possible host country is unknown to you. However, students with a wide variety of dietary restrictions have studied globally all over the world.

Religion and Spirituality Abroad

It's important to research and understand how your religious or spiritual beliefs will be perceived abroad, as well as to gain an understanding of the religious and spiritual belief of your host country.

Students with High Financial Need

Students with varying levels of financial need can and do study globally. Find ways to balance your goals for studying globally with your financial situation.

Content on this page is adapted with permission from and thanks to Northwestern University Study Abroad Office.