Program Types

Education styles vary at the affiliated programs offered by Gettysburg College. Many of these programs will offer a different educational style than student experience on Gettysburg’s campus.

Direct University Enrollment

At these programs, students enroll in university courses alongside full-time, degree-seeking students at the university. These programs typically offer a wide selection of courses available and may expand the course availability and educational opportunities available at Gettysburg College due the specific strength or resources of the host universities.  Students often will also live alongside full-time students in residence halls.

Global Study Programs

Global Study Programs offer opportunities specifically for students from North American colleges and universities to enroll for a term at discrete programs for global study students. The courses offered here are only for global study students and typically there will be no local students who enroll in the courses. These programs are common in countries where university enrollment is impossible due to language barriers or can have specific academic goals that is not possible at universities.

Hybrid Programs

Hybrid programs offer courses specifically for global study students and provide the option to take classes at a local university. The global study courses supplement the university courses by providing courses that full-time students at the university would not need or desire. An example of these courses, are foreign language courses that native speakers would not require.

Independent Research/Internship Programs

A number of programs offer opportunities for significant field research or internship opportunities. These programs take advantage of unique aspects of the host city/country to offer opportunities that are impossible on a student's home campus. For example, the School for International Training (SIT) offers internship and research opportunities at all of their programs and programs such as Lutheran College Washington Semester (LCWS) and those offered by CET provide significant internship portions that are unique to their locations in Washington, D.C. (LCWS) and Beijing and Shanghai (CET).