Information on Acknowledging and Citing Sources and Plagiarism

Commitment to the standards of honesty and integrity embraced by the Gettysburg College community and reflected in its Honor Code has both philosophical and practical implications. Students are asked to affirm the ethical standards outlined in the Honor Code, and they are expected to uphold those standards in practice.

Proper citation of sources is one of the practical applications of the Honor Code for which students are held responsible. Students may find the following resources helpful as they engage in their scholarly activities:

Other Resources:

The Princeton University website: this site contains excellent discussions and resources, including examples of plagiarism with commentary.

Useful Handouts and Discussions about Plagiarism - this site has useful handouts and links to check for plagiarism from sources available on the web.

Copyright and Plagiarism


Chronicle of Higher Education Article on Cheating Scandal at Harvard

Update on former Harvard Scientist Mark Hauser

NY Times Science section article on Harvard Scientist Marc Hauser and accusations of Plagiarism