Decision Process for Accommodations

Once all documentation has been submitted and the Intake meeting has occurred, the review will begin with one of the following outcomes:

    • Approval: This occurs when the documentation supports the requested accommodations as reasonable accommodations as described above.
      • Academic Accommodations: Students will meet with the Assistant Dean of Accessibility to review the approved accommodations and their Verification of Accommodations Letter (VAL). Students will sign the VAL and distribute it to their instructors. Students should follow up by meeting with their instructors to review their accommodations and how they will look in each course.
      • Housing Accommodations: Students approved for housing accommodations will receive an email outlining the approval and the next steps. Residential Education will work with the student to implement the approved accommodations.
      • ESA: Students who are approved for an ESA will receive an email indicating they have been approved. They are then required to schedule a meeting with the Assistant Dean of Accessibility to review the ESA Policy and sign an acknowledgement form related to this policy prior to bringing their ESA to campus.
      • Dining: Students who are approved for dining accommodations receive an email indicating approval of their request. Students will work with Residential Education and/or dining services for implementation related to their accommodations. Please note that some requested dining accommodations may met through dining services including some allergies, gluten free diets, and other special dining requests. Reasonable accommodations will be granted on a case by case basis in collaboration with dining services. 
    • Request for Additional Information
      • This occurs when additional information is required to determine the need for accommodations and/or appropriate accommodations. A student will be notified via email for the need for additional information. A meeting with the Assistant Dean of Student Accessibility may also be required.
    • Denial
      • When a student’s request for accommodations is denied, a student will receive an email explaining the reason the request was denied. Students may also be asked to meet with the Assistant Dean of Accessibility to go over the denial of requested accommodations.