CNAV Budget Reports

Budget reports for Gettysburg college departments are published daily on CNAV. This page can help you understand how to read and understand these reports.

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Internal financial reports are available to authorized users through CNAV and include all general ledger activity processed through end of prior business day.

Understanding CNAV reports and instructions (PDF)

Journal Source Code Definitions

Code Definition
AP Expenses that are processed through the accounts payable process
BSR Development Gifts
CDC College Store department charges
CSH Manual journal made by Financial Services. These entries are similar to ONL entries except that the entry included a debit or credit to a cash account.
CTR Dining catering charges
DIN Dining Services charges (boxed lunches, cookies, etc.)
ECC e-Commerce receipts
EOY End of Year adjustments. These are typically entries made to record expenses in the proper accounting period/year.
HRP HR/Payroll, Bi-weekly payroll postings for faculty, administrators, staff and students
ONL On-line entries. These are manual entries made by Financial Services. These are usually "reclassification" items - or moving an expense from one expense category to another.
POS Post Office charges
PRO Purchases made using the college purchasing card
PSP Print shop charges.
SFC Entries being made through the cashiering office. Generally these represent deposits posted by Financial Services.
TEL Telephone charges.
TRN Transportation department charges