Student health insurance

Student Health Insurance and Billing for Services

The Health Center at Gettysburg College is managed by WellSpan Health. Effective August 1, 2022, the fees for all services provided at the Health Center will be billed directly to the student's health insurance plan.

Student Health Insurance Policy

All matriculated Gettysburg College students are required to maintain adequate health insurance coverage. Each year, students are required to: (1) Enroll in the Gettysburg-sponsored Health Insurance Plan, or (2) Request a waiver and submit proof of adequate insurance. For the 2023-24 year, all students enrolled with a F-1 visa must enroll in the College-sponsored plan. Information concerning the enrollment and waiver request process will be shared on the Student's Dashboard. If the Gettysburg-sponsored insurance company has questions on the Waiver Information provided or if a student does not complete the Student Health Insurance item of the Dashboard by the due date, the insurance company will contact the student via email.

WellSpan Health Billing Related Questions

If you have questions concerning charges related to an on campus health center visit, please contact WellSpan Health at or at 877-631-4262.

If you have questions concerning Wellspan Health appointments, your health/medical record or your billing account, please access your My WellSpan Account

For Insurance Policy Related Questions

If you have questions concerning your insurance coverage, please contact your private insurance company using the contact information on your insurance card.

If you are enrolled in the Gettysburg College-sponsored health care plan, please contact Aetna Student Health at 877-626-2308 or

For General Information on Student Health Insurance

If you have questions on the student health insurance plan available to Gettysburg College students, including health, dental, vision, study abroad/travel, or sports insurance please refer to Student Insurance Platform.

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