Course Proposal & Credit Request Forms for APPC

In an effort to help the Academic Policy and Program Committee (APPC) to carry out its work in implementing the Gettysburg Curriculum optimally, the committee has approved the forms (and guidelines) below for the request for First-Year seminars, the acknowledgement of new courses, or the request for curricular requirements. We also provide a useful resource section at the bottom of the page to assist in elucidating some of the concepts used on the forms.

These forms use the College's document management system that holds highly sensitive personal and financial information. For this reason, any account that has not logged into the system in the last 180 days will be locked. If you receive a message saying "Login failed. Either the credentials were incorrect, or the specified account is locked", please contact the IT Helpdesk at and your account will be unlocked.

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The resources listed below will be useful in bridging potential discrepancies in expectations between instructors requesting curricular credits and members of the APPC. While they do not address all the issues, the elucidations will shed light on some of the concepts used on the forms. If need be, APPC will expand this list.

  • Indigenous people: Here is how the United Nations approaches the concept (PDF).
  • Intersectionality: An understanding that the overlapping social identities/locations of people have a bearing on their experience of oppression/domination.
  • Subaltern agency: An understanding that dominated peoples are not just passive victims. One way to appreciate their dignity as human beings is to acknowledge how they are actors in their own histories.