How to Report Sexual Misconduct

Report an incident

Report an incident of sexual misconduct through the Office of College Life.

Report an incident

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Learn about the process for reporting an incident of sexual misconduct.

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An individual who reports sexual harassment, sexual violence, intimate partner violence or stalking, whether the Complainant or a witness, can be assured that all reports will be taken seriously, and that each individual will be treated with dignity, respect, and in a non-judgmental manner from the initial report to final result. Similarly, a Respondent can expect to be treated fairly and respectfully from initial report to final result.

Official Reporting Procedures

Students are encouraged to report incidents that they consider violations of this policy to the Dean of Students, Campus Safety, Title IX Director or Deputy (Intake/Investigative Offices).

A report does not automatically trigger an investigation. In most cases the affected individual decides if they would want to pursue a formal investigation of the report. When a report of sexual misconduct is made, a preliminary assessment of the reported information is made in order to respond to any immediate health or safety concerns. If the affected individual’s identity is disclosed in the report, the Title IX Coordinator will extend an invitation to meet with the affected individual to discuss their procedural options. Or if the report is from a third party, the Title IX Coordinator may reach out to the reporting party to gain additional information if needed.

The preliminary investigation process into an incident includes the notification of Campus Safety if they were not the office who took the original report. Campus Safety will help facilitate the reporting of a sexual assault to the Gettysburg police should the victim elect to pursue criminal charges. The police may be notified automatically by Campus Safety or a College official in any incident of sexual assault where the alleged assailant is not known or otherwise identified or is perceived to be a continuing threat to the victim or larger campus community, or as mandated by State Law as outlined above. Campus Safety will also assess the reported information for the need for a timely warning under the Clery Act.

Official reports can be made using the college’s on-line report concern form, by phone to a reporting entity, or in person to a reporting entity as outlined above. Students reporting incidents of sexual violence to official and non-confidential campus resources will receive a Victims’ Rights Pamphlet that outlines on and off campus resources, confidential resources, reporting processes, etc. Students against whom an incident of sexual or relationship violence has been reported will receive information that outlines on and off campus resources, confidential resources, process expectations, etc. Both the Complainant and the Respondent will receive notice of their rights and resources by the Title IX Coordinator or designee, or Campus Safety.