Vehicle Rentals

The College offers rentals (and, if needed, drivers) for student activities (not for student personal use), cultural events, campus visits, or College business. All vehicles are rented on a daily basis and will not be pro-rated for partial-day usage.

Requested time for a vehicle is the time scheduled. Should you change times at the last minute, we cannot guarantee that a vehicle will be available.

It is important, too, that you return all vehicles on time. Our fleet is limited and vehicles need to be cleaned and readied for the next renter. Please make sure that you replace the gas that you use, prior to returning the vehicle.

Outside rentals
If necessary, we can also rent vehicles from outside agencies. Departments will be charged at the rate we are assessed. An additional fee will be added for driver time if we pick-up and return the vehicle.

Vehicle Rental Policy

Policy and Procedures for the Use of College Vehicles

Vehicle Rentals and Field Trips

Vehicle rental and field trips are for Gettysburg College business only.

Vehicle/Seats - Rate
Sedan/ 4 - $35 per day
Minivan/ 6 - $40 per day
Passenger van/ 11-12 - $45 per day
Minibus/ 29 passenger max. -  $135 per day
Rental company/ as requested  -  Agency price*

Driver/ Vehicle Types - Rate
Regular Driver/ cars and vans - $10 per hour
Certified Driver/ minibus -  $13 per hour

For field trip cost estimates, use the vehicle rental rate. You must also add the hourly cost of the driver from the time you meet on campus until the time you return to campus. Other charges such as driver meal, fuel usage, tolls, and parking will be added to your final bill after the trip has been completed.

All employees wishing to rent a Gettysburg College vehicle must become a certified driver. Th e process of becoming a certified driver can take several weeks, so please plan accordingly. More information on becoming a certified driver.

Useful information for calculating field trip costs

Approximate miles per gallon
Min van – 18mpg
Passenger Van-  12mpg
Sprinter – 15mpg
Minibus – 8 mpg

To estimate fuel cost(EFC)
Trip miles / mpg = approx. fuel used
approx. fuel used x current fuel price = EFC

Toll Calculator