Student travel approval process

Message sent on January 14, 2021

Jon Allen, Director of Student Activities and Greek Life, informs students of the travel approval process for Spring 2021.

Dear students,

As you are aware, this spring students that are studying on-campus are expected to stay within 5 miles of Gettysburg College for the duration of the semester. While this is an important preventative measure, we do recognize that some students may need to travel beyond this radius due to extenuating circumstances.

Students that find themselves in this situation must submit a Student Travel Exception Form and be approved to travel before leaving the area. This form can be found on the Travel and Visitors section of the College’s website and under the COVID Resources section of the engageGettysburg app. Whenever possible students should fill out this form at least seven days prior to the date they anticipate leaving to allow enough time for the request to be reviewed.

As indicated in the form, exceptions to the current restrictions will only be made if a student is traveling for one of the following reasons:

  • Healthcare
  • Religious services
  • Employment
  • Emergency situations

Any requests that do not meet one of these criteria will not be approved.

For students that will be submitting the form for employment reasons, please keep the following in mind:

  • You only need to submit a form if your place of employment is outside the 5-mile travel radius.
  • You will be required to upload a PDF copy of an email or letter from your employer verifying that you are employed by the organization and approved to work during the spring semester.
  • You will only need to submit the form once for each employer. You do not need to submit the form each time you plan to travel to work.

Students that are approved to travel will still be expected to abide by all College policies while away including wearing a mask and maintaining physical distance from those around them. If a student tests positive or becomes symptomatic while traveling, they must contact Health Services immediately.

Upon return, students who have been outside the 5-mile radius for more than 24 hours will be required to stay in quarantine level 1 until they receive two negative test results through the College’s regular testing protocol.

Please note that students traveling on College-sponsored trips do not need to submit an exception request however the trip leaders must still fill out the Trip Notification Form in CNAV.

If you have any questions about this submission and approval process, please email


Jon Allen

Jon Allen, Director
Gettysburg College, Student Activities and Greek Life