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2017 CWI Summer Conference

What Are Dine-Ins?

Barb Gannon with Attendees

Some of those perusing the schedule for the 2017 CWI conference may be wondering “what’s a dine-in”? Well, look no further for an answer! Dine-ins are small discussion groups which meet during a regularly-scheduled meal time in a campus facility. Dine-ins are faciliated by members of the CWI faculty, who select a theme/topic for discussion as well as some brief readings that are be distributed prior to the conference. Dine-ins are meant to encourage in-depth conversation, frequently (but not always) about primary sources, and are capped at 10 participants apiece. The format provides a unique opportunity for more informal, extended conversations, both with speakers and with other conference attendees. All attendees are welcome to sign up for a dine-in, but due to space limitations, pre-registration is required and the seats will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Register today for the 2017 conference.

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Conference Teaser: Harold Holzer on Lincoln

Harold Holzer

Over the course of the year, we’ll be featuring “teasers” from the 2017 CWI conference speakers about their upcoming talks. Click here to read our interview with Harold Holzer, one of the nation’s leading authorities on Abraham Lincoln and the political culture of the Civil War era. Holzer’s talk will delve deeply into Lincoln’s “Blondin-like tightrope act as Civil War President,” exploring his tireless attempts to balance the interests of opposing parties and maintain the support of both abolitionists and conservatives. Touching on Lincoln’s ideas about executive power and ability to create and sustain a message that resonated with the populace, Holzer will grapple with the eternal question of Lincoln’s legacy – for both the nation and the executive branch itself. Sound interesting? Learn more about the 2017 conference and register today to hear Holzer in person.

CWI Annual Summer Conference

Curious about what to expect at the Civil War Institute Summer Conference? Watch this video to see what sets the CWI conference apart! Learn more about the conference here. Register for the 2017 Summer Conference.

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