The Writing House

A Residential Program for Writers

Located in a row house across from campus at 133-135 North Washington Street, The Writing House is a residential program for students who are interested in written expression.

  • Each year, fifteen students live in the Writing House, where they are exposed to a diversity of visitors, speakers, and activities.
  • Students meet regularly with professors and professional writers who are interested in expression . . . both how it is realized and how it is received.
  • Specific activities include dinners with nationally known writers, readings, and field trips to cultural events.

The goal of The Writing House is to bring together students who share a common interest in writing. The forms of writing are varied, and include journalism, science writing, history writing, fiction writing, poetry writing, creative nonfiction, and dramatic writing. The Writing House consists of three floors, which include five singles, five doubles, four baths, kitchen, and TV lounge.

If interested in applying for The Writing House, speak to Professor Leebron or Professor Rhett.