Community & Connections

The connections you make in your first year through the opportunities you pursue are lifelong and impactful.

Your first year at Gettysburg College brings endless excitement. With an abundance of opportunities inside and outside of the classroom, you will be able to shape your own path and forge connections that last a lifetime, starting on day one.

From friendships and mentorships to professional connections and creative collaborations upon graduation, our students, faculty, staff, and alumni not only make up our strong Gettysburg Network, but also understand the value of our community. Former Gettysburgians can help guide you in the right direction, ensuring you make the most of your experience. When facing a new endeavor, it’s key to be confident, while remembering to remain true to yourself.

“Don’t forget to do what makes you happy in the moment,” said Nicole DeJacimo ’22. Class president Jack Comegno ’24 added, “Seeing how much the College cared about our engagement, especially for my classmates who aren’t on campus, really reassured me as to why I chose to come to Gettysburg. You are not another number. The school cares for you and your wellbeing.”

As a member of the Gettysburg College community, you will be able to make your journey uniquely yours.

Building relationships & maximizing opportunities

Xiaoxiao Taoli ’20 is an inquisitive thinker with diverse interests who craves community and believes in maximizing her opportunities.
Xiaoxiao Taoli '20 in the classroom with other students

How Gettysburg College helps foster connections:

  • Average class size of 18 with first-class faculty who will know you by name
  • A First-Year Seminar experience that allows students to live and learn together
  • 100-plus study abroad opportunities to build cross-cultural competency
  • 30,000-plus alumni ready to connect with you through the Gettysburg Network, including on its online platform, connectGettysburg
  • Time-honored traditions, including the First-Year Walk linking our history and community
  • More than 120 clubs and organizations, 24 NCAA Division III athletic teams, 800 campus events, and numerous leadership opportunities with which you can get involved

that encourages scholarly engagement and collaboration

Students walking through Lincoln Square during the First Year Walk

Thriving at Gettysburg

Ignite your curiosity with opportunities beyond the classroom, explore new interests to discover your potential, and dedicate your time to newfound passions. Determine your path to success by finding your niche.

Learn how you can immerse yourself in our community in your first year.

Students at an event outside of Glatfelter Hall

Student Testimonials

Gettysburg College students are engaged with our community, both locally and abroad. They explore new opportunities and establish connections to grow personally and professionally.

Hear how our students made the most of their time on campus.