Our Approach To Care


We understand that the mental health and wellness needs of students are varied and ever-changing. As a result, we offer students a wide variety of options for supportive care. Our services are designed to help students, in partnership with clinicians, identify and address their individual mental health and wellness needs utilizing the most effective strategies and current practices while prioritizing personal growth, empowerment, and autonomy.

We Believe:

  • Students should not have to wait for care. We provide timely access to wellness education and mental health care.
  • Different individuals require different types of care. We create customized care plans in response to the unique and specific needs of each individual student.
  • Students desire autonomy and are capable of managing their own health and wellbeing. We use a strengths-based approach to support student agency and autonomy that prioritizes the least intensive and most effective care options.
  • Students benefit from utilizing the vast services and supports available across campus. We help connect students to a wide range of services, including self-help resources, natural support systems, peer support, affinity groups, religious spaces, and therapy both on and off campus.
  • Finding the right type of care depends on monitoring outcomes. We work closely with our students to monitor progress. Care is adjusted as needed, based on students’ changing needs.

Gettysburg College Counseling & Wellness Services Support Services

Care starts with consultation. Consultation appointments are to identify needs, define goals, and plan next steps.

Self-Help & Natural Supports
Student driven supports available to all students.

One time or ongoing skill based offerings. Open to all students or a specific group.

Referrals to Campus Partners:
Professional staff & departments that support specific student needs.

Peer Support
Trained peer educators, student driven and facilitated affinity groups/spaces

Led by clinical staff to address specific issues. Can be by referral or open, depending on group.

Individual Treatment
Traditional therapy to address clinical issues. Psychiatry services offered on a limited basis.

Community Referrals
For long-term or specialized clinical treatment and support.