Purchasing & Contracting Framework


The College’s procurement environment enables the direct acquisition of goods and services by departments to which institutional funds are allocated. All purchases and commitments made with College funds must meet the business standard of ordinary, necessary, and reasonable with a legitimate business purpose in relation to department and/or program activities. These determinations are defined by government regulations (IRS, federal, state and local) and are supported by not-for-profit accounting standards. This applies to all payment types; check, pcard, or ACH/EFT. All purchases and commitments are further subject to all provisions set forth in these policies and governance:


Forms of Agreement

The College is able to reduce the complexity of our transactions by standardizing certain common forms of agreement for departmental use. These templates are described and accessible from the table below. These standard forms may not meet all business transaction requirements. Departments may modify a standard agreement template.

Description of Services Type of Agreement

A very basic agreement providing a format for written documentation of an oral agreement and payment information. This document is intended for use with independent contractors coming to campus for a variety of reasons, but whose presence presents little or no risk. Examples: speakers, facilitators, DJs

Event Agreement and Check Request (XLS)

An agreement for tangible services that remain
on campus upon completion. Examples: Carpet installation,
data input processing, storage services
Independent Contractor Agreement for Tangible Services
An agreement for services provided by certified professionals.
Examples: Software programmers, engineers
Independent Contractor Agreement for Professional Services
Useful when a PO is required by a vendor or if no other contract/agreement exists. Terms and conditions are beneficial to and protective of the College. College Purchase Order

Checklists for Common Contracts

The College is presented with many contracts for execution which have been prepared by the provider of the service. Each is service and/or product specific and, therefore, it is not efficient for the College to standardize contractual language. Checklists of important terms and conditions are provided to support department reviews.

Contract Type Standard Terms & Conditions Checklist

Service or maintenance contracts for the upkeep of equipment


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Agreements which grant the College
the right to use copyrighted materials

Software Licenses

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Hospitality contracts for the College's use of premises


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