COVID dashboard update for February 5

Message sent on February 5, 2021

Jeff Foster, Interim Vice President for College Life and Dean of Students, and Darrien Davenport, Assistant Secretary to the BOT/Assistant Vice President of College Life, inform the campus community about the College’s new COVID-19 dashboard and provide additional information about exiting the Arrival Quarantine.

Dear Campus Community,

Every Friday, we will send an email directing you to the College’s COVID-19 dashboard.

The College continues to operate at a moderate alert level. Please note that based on the number of current conditions, including the campus positivity rate and local conditions, the College could change the alert level or enact increased mitigation strategies. The campus community will be notified immediately if the alert level changes and if new mitigation strategies have been enacted.

Please watch a video message from President Iuliano about our first week together on campus.

Reminders and updates:

  • Earlier today, students received an email with important information about exiting Arrival Quarantine and what is permitted once they receive their second negative test result. Please review the email in its entirety.
  • Students should remain in Arrival Quarantine until they receive their second negative test result. Students must continue to visibly wear their wristband even after receiving their second negative test.
  • While some students will begin to exit Arrival Quarantine, it’s important to remember that we still have outstanding test results and we must do our part to follow the protocols in place.
  • Students should have received an email from Mobile Health to schedule a testing appointment for next week. Student testing will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. All students in the residential cohort will be required to participate in twice-weekly testing protocol throughout the remainder of the semester.
  • This is the College’s first in-person weekend, it is also Super Bowl weekend. Medical experts have warned that Super Bowl parties could be super spreader events. Do your part to follow the COVID protocols outlined in the behavior rubric, specifically the protocols about gatherings:
    • All students, even once out of Arrival Quarantine, are not permitted to visit one another in their single rooms. This is a temporary, but important, step the College is taking to ensure our early quarantine efforts are sustained.
    • Masking and distancing rules apply when students host guests/gather.
    • Students may only gather with others students who have exited Arrival Quarantine.
    • Common Spaces in Residence Halls, College Houses, and CUB: Students may get together in small, masked/distanced groups of no more than 8 students.
    • Apartments and Suites: Students may host guests in the common/shared living spaces (i.e. living rooms, kitchens) once all assigned residents of an apartment/suite have completed Arrival Quarantine. No more than 8 students total may be present in the entire apartment or suite.
  • Unless otherwise noted, classes that are scheduled to be held in person will begin on Monday, February 8. Dining grab and go will continue throughout next week.

Thank you for your cooperation as we begin the spring semester. If you have questions, please contact

Jeff Foster, D.Ed.
Interim Vice President for College Life and Dean of Students

Darrien Davenport, Ed.D.
Assistant Secretary to the BOT/Assistant Vice President of College Life