COVID-19 dashboard update for February 12

Message sent on February 12, 2021

Jeff Foster, D.Ed., Interim Vice President for College Life and Dean of Students, and Darrien Davenport, Ed.D., Assistant Secretary to the BOT/Assistant Vice President of College Life, remind the campus community to check the College’s COVID-19 dashboard and provide additional information about weekly testing and COVID-19 restrictions.

Dear Campus Community,

Every Friday, we will send an email directing you to the College’s COVID-19 dashboard.

The College continues to operate at a moderate alert level. Please note that based on the number of current conditions, including the campus positivity rate and local conditions, the College could change the alert level or enact increased mitigation strategies. The campus community will be notified immediately if the alert level changes and if new mitigation strategies have been enacted.

Reminders and updates:

  • Twice-weekly testing is a critical part of the College’s health and safety plan and allows us to quickly identify and contain any presence of COVID-19 in our community. By agreeing to come back to campus, students have agreed to be part of the twice-weekly testing protocols. Students who missed their tests have been notified and have been placed back into quarantine until they receive a negative result from testing on Saturday, February 13. As per the rubric, these students also received a warning. Two warnings could result in remote study.
  • This Saturday, the College will administer COVID-19 tests to all students between the hours of8AM and 8PM at Plank Gym. This weekend’s testing is part of the College’s twice-weekly testing program which will continue throughout the entire semester. As a reminder, all students in the residential cohort will test on Tuesday or Wednesday and again on Saturday each week. Students should have received an email on Thursday, February 11 to schedule their test for Saturday, February 13. If you have questions, please notify at and report to Plank Gym between the hours of 8AM and 8PM to test. Read more here.
  • A new category was added to the sanctions section of the COVID-19 dashboard to more accurately explain and better distinguish between the types of remote study. Short term and permanent remote study are both listed as types of sanctions in the rubric.
  • Please remember that students are required to conduct and record daily symptom monitoring through the Medicat portal.
  • The Bullet Hole will extend its hours to be open every night until 11:00PM beginning Friday, February 12. There is now socially-distanced seating available in the Ballroom every day.
  • Please remember when you are driving in a car with other students you must wear a mask.

Thank you for your cooperation as we begin the spring semester. If you have questions, please contact

Jeff Foster, D.Ed.
Interim Vice President for College Life and Dean of Students

Darrien Davenport, Ed.D.
Assistant Secretary to the BOT/Assistant Vice President of College Life