Traditions connect us all

Each year Gettysburgians share unique moments rich in history that inspire pride in our community and encourage our enduring support of the College.

The College community celebrates over a dozen events, programs, and gatherings from the First-Year Walk during Orientation, to academic ceremonies, Thanksgiving Dinner, winter formal, Springfest, and Founders Day.


An annual event each spring that brings together a wide range of engaged and energized students to showcase their great work in academics, creative endeavors, and service/outreach. Read more about Celebration.


A ceremony each May in which degrees and diplomas are awarded to graduating students. Students process through Pennsylvania Hall at the ceremony's conclusion completing the tradition of walking through the building at Opening Convocation. See a playlist of Commencement ceremonies.

Opening Convocation

An Orientation ceremony that welcomes first-year students into the Gettysburg College community. Explore Convocation.

Externships and Career Networking

An externship is a unique opportunity that allows Gettysburg students to gain an insider's view into a career field, observe on-the-job activities and participate in hands-on learning experiences in the workplace. Shorter than an internship, an externship is an intensive job shadowing experience typically lasting one week. More information about externships and career networking is available on our site.

First-Year Walk

Members of the Gettysburg College community gather every fall with first-years to walk the half-mile to the National Cemetery to hear the Gettysburg Address, commemorating the same journey taken back in 1863 by college students and community members to hear President Lincoln dedicate the National Cemetery. Read more about First-Year Walk.

Founder's Day

An annual celebration, scheduled on or around April 7, celebrating the anniversary of the College’s founding. The campus community gathers to celebrate its rich history and take time to thank individuals who helped make Gettysburg College what it is today.

Get Acquainted Day

A springtime celebration when Gettysburg College welcomes accepted and enrolled students and their families.

GIV Day - Gettysburg Is Volunteering Day

GIV Day is the annual community service day during orientation when students, faculty and staff work at over 45 organizations in the Adams County community.


An opportunity for alumni and Gettysburg College community to gather with one another on campus and reflect on their college experiences. Connect with Homecoming resources.

International Food Festival

A new tradition at Gettysburg sponsored by the Campus Activities Board (CAB). The Dining Center is closed for the evening and the entire campus dines on international cuisine and other treats as Lincoln Avenue is transformed into a street carnival. View International Food Festival photos.

Move-In Day

An Orientation event where first-years are lent a helping hand by upperclassmen as they move into their residence halls.

Orange & Blue Day

On the first Friday of every month, students, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends show their school spirit by donning orange and blue and submitting their favorite pictures and memories to and the college's social media channels.


In August, first-year students enjoy a host of events and activities that allow them to become more familiar with Gettysburg College. Read all about Orientation.

Reunion Weekend

Reunion Weekend is a celebration for the classes falling on every five-year anniversary from ten to sixty years every spring. It offers alumni the chance to take classes, see what has changed on campus and what still remains the same. Reunion Weekend is a time to reconnect, reminisce, reflect on your Gettysburg experience, and make new friends. More about Reunion Weekend is online.


A chance to break out those prom dresses and suits once again, and boogie down. In midwinter, it’s just what students look forward to in order to brighten up their semester.


A weekend before the last week of classes where students celebrate the end of term with concerts, free food, merriment and play on Stine Lake.

Servo Thanksgiving Dinner

A Gettysburg tradition during which students gather with their friends and head to Servo for a full Thanksgiving dinner extravaganza: unlimited turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie and more. The best part is that your professors serve the meal!

Welcome Gatherings

Every summer, Gettysburg College hosts regional events to welcome incoming students and to connect past, present, and future Gettysburgians.