Comments from Past Campers and Their Parents

What some recent campers have had to say about Camp Psych:

I would like to thank you for the amazing opportunity to attend Camp Psych. It was for sure, the most incredible academic experience I’ve had in my whole life. I learned a lot, and even though I was from another “country” I felt like a part of you, most of the time. Additionally, even though I didn’t participate in most of the classes, I learned a lot. I’m definitely recommending this camp to my high school peers, so the upcoming juniors and seniors can attend it, and learn about psychology and college life. They will love it as I did. - Camper

I also just wanted to thank you in general for this amazing experience. I was using this camp as a way to see if I did actually want to pursue a career in psychology. After this week and all of the things you have taught me, I am absolutely sure that this is what I want to spend the rest of my life doing! - Camper

I want to thank both of you so much for a great opportunity. I enjoyed both of your classes and learned a lot, while having fun. The RAs were great, and they made the week even better. - Camper

I just wanted to thank you both for everything you did at Camp Psych last week. I really wasn't sure what to expect beforehand, but I had so much fun both in class and with the other campers. I loved that we were able to both learn and get hands on experience with all of the experiments we did, and because of that, psychology is now one of my top potential majors. I really appreciate all you did and will definitely recommend Camp Psych to future campers. - Camper

What some recent parents of campers have had to say about Camp Psych:

I want to thank you, and congratulate you on such a successful week as well. Our daughter came home inspired and motivated by all that she learned in such a short time. She was so happy and had an amazing time with all of you. She commented multiple times at how nice and inviting everyone was there. The minute she got home, she showed her dad and I her binder and explained everything she learned. She recalled a lot!!!! I have to say, it was very impressive.

Please extend a thank you to the transportation staff who did a wonderful job coordinating the travel schedule, and also to the RA’s for making the girls feel so welcome and being so informative as well. We will be sure to tell all our friends about our daughter’s experience at the college. - Parent

Thank you. Again, I want to emphasize that I know you both worked very hard on the camp; I have a saying (which isn’t original) that if something proceeds smoothly and seamlessly, A LOT of work has gone into it. And so I know you both worked very hard and put a lot of thought into it. I am also impressed how you balanced out the “course” work with other activities. It is a very good camp. - Parent

Thank you, our daughter had an amazing time at camp and came home inspired and glowing. Thank you to you and your team for giving her such a great week! -Parent

Our daughter can’t stop gushing about her Camp Psych experience, thank you for making the week so enjoyable and educational. -Parent