Jazz Auditions

Fall 2021 Jazz Ensemble Audition Date: Wednesday, September 1, 2021

All students are required to audition each academic year. Audition sign-up sheets will be posted on the door of Room 206. Audition music sheets and audio are available below.

Audition Policy for Students Studying Abroad:

All students selected for jazz ensemble membership in September should be aware that any student studying abroad in the fall has the option of auditioning for chair placement in January.

You should audition in the fall even if you will be abroad during the spring term.

Please contact the director about any other situation that may hinder your ability to participate for a full academic year by August 15th.

Jazz Ensemble Audition Information:

Horns (saxophone, trumpet, trombone)

  1. Play major scales in a swing style using eighth notes: 4 flats and 4 sharps. quarter = 120
  2. Perform the jazz standard Donna Lee
  3. Sight read an excerpt
  4. Improvise over a 12 bar blues progression any key (required) and in the chord progression of Donna Lee (optional).

Rhythm Section (piano, guitar, vibes, bass, drums)

  1. All rhythm section players: Play along with the jazz etude Donna Lee
  2. Drummers will play 12-16 measures in swing, rock/funk, ballad, and Latin grooves.
  3. Pianists, guitarists, and vibraphonists will improvise over a 12 bar blues progression (any key).
  4. Bassists walk a bass line and improvise over a 12 bar blues progression (any key).


Alto Sax

Tenor Sax

Baritone Sax








1. Confirmed (With Solo)

2. Confirmed (Without Solo)

3. 12 Bar Blues Progression

Auditions for Jazz Ensemble vocalist(s) will take place on Wednesday, September 1, 2021.

Sign up for an audition slot at Professor Byrd's office, Schmucker 206.

  • Sing the moderate swing tune I Thought About You
  • Sing the ballad Skylark
  • Scat sing one chorus of blues (key of your choice)

Music pages and music are available via the links below.


1. I Thought About You

2. Skylark


1. I Thought About You

2. Skylark

If you have questions, contact Professor Byrd: ebyrd@gettysburg.edu

Regular weekly rehearsals are on Wednesday evenings from 7:30-9:30 p.m.

Jazz is a vital part of the musical life on campus. Numerous performances scheduled this year include the Fall Family Weekend concert and the Annual Winter Jazz Concert. Visit the SCM website to learn more about the jazz program via photos and recordings.

Please send an email to ebyrd@gettysburg.edu with your name and instrument if you are considering an audition for the Jazz Ensemble.