Prof. Amer Kobaslija was featured in The Japan Times for his tsunami series of paintings

Professor Amer Kobaslija was featured in a Dec. 10 Japan Times article for his tsunami series of paintings. 

“I wanted to recognize the magnitude of what had occurred and honor the memory of those who had been killed, injured, or displaced,” Kobaslija said. 

In the series, Kobaslija focused on the impact of the disasters on and around the coastal town of Kesennuma, which is located in the northeastern corner of Miyagi Prefecture.    

Kobaslija’s paintings were first shown at the George Adams Gallery in New York last year.  Recently, the same gallery presented some of his smaller paintings, several of which replicated images from his Kesennuma series. 

Kobaslija was awarded a prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship this year in recognition of the originality and high quality of his Japan-related series.    

“My hope is that the piece in the Japan Times will spark more interest for the work in the Japanese art community,” said Kobaslija. 

There are several shows at important venues scheduled throughout the United States for the 2014-2015 exhibition season, including New York City, Los Angeles, and New Orleans.   

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