Frequently Asked Questions

Select a question from the list below. If you have other questions, please contact the Gettysburg College Office of Financial Aid: - (717) 337-6611 - Fax (717) 337-8555.

Who receives financial aid?

Most financial aid at Gettysburg is awarded to families with demonstrated financial need. Aid amounts are linked to a family's financial situation, and aid may be in the form of grants, loans, or employment.

How do I apply for financial aid?

For first-year applicants, Gettysburg College uses the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE (new students only) to gather information about each family's financial circumstances. Both forms calculate the expected family contribution for each financial aid applicant. Continuing students only need to submit the FAFSA each year.

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What are the Gettysburg College code numbers for the PROFILE and FAFSA?

The Gettysburg College Code Number for the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE is 2275.

The Gettysburg College federal school code for the FAFSA is 003268.

What about divorced/separated parents?

The FAFSA and PROFILE should be completed by the parent who provides the student with the most financial support. Step-parent income and asset data must be included on the FAFSA and PROFILE.

Information from the non-primary parent is not necessary.

What are the deadlines for financial aid?

Deadline dates for financial aid consideration vary by application type or enrollment status. For example, Regular Decision applicants for the fall semester must submit the FAFSA and PROFILE by January 15. Continuing students must submit the FAFSA by April 1.

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What if my circumstances change?

The Office of Financial Aid will consider an income reduction or an unusual circumstance at any time during the academic year as long as funds are available.

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How much does it cost?

For Academic Year 2024-25

Tuition: $66.640

*Room: $8,640

*Meal Plan: $7,470

Total Charges: $82,750

*Room and meal-plan rates may vary due to differences in housing and meal-plan choices. Other options for continuing students.

How do I get a loan?

Gettysburg College Loans and Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans are awarded as part of the need-based financial aid process. Federal Direct PLUS Loans are available for credit-worthy parents of dependent students. Alternative Loans provide education funding through various lending institutions.

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How do I complete the Federal Direct Student Loan Entrance and Exit counseling?

First-time borrowers are required to go through a process called “Entrance Counseling” that will inform them about their rights and responsibilities as borrowers.

A similar process called “Exit Counseling” must be completed when a student graduates or drops to less than half-time status.

How do I find a job?

Student Employment Services through the Center for Career Engagement assists students with employment issues. Students will be referred to supervisors who have positions available. Handshake, an electronic jobs database program, will provide a summary of available positions both on campus and in the community.

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Why was my Gettysburg Grant reduced?

Gettysburg College Grants are need-based and tied to the cost of attendance each year. If there is any adjustment made to the amount a student has been charged, we have to review the aid piece as well. This prevents a student from receiving an over award and from receiving aid above and beyond cost of attendance.

Since a remote learning credit was provided, federal regulations state that we must adjust the cost of attendance for anyone receiving need based financial aid. When this happened your budget was decreased which changed the amount of your federal eligibility, because you cannot receive financial aid funds in excess of your federal eligibility some grant adjustments were necessary.