2024 Immersion Experiences


Immersion Experiences are designed for all Gettysburg College students.

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Center for Public Service

Women’s Rights and Islam in Morocco

Morocco is an Islamic country. Moving past the media headlines, this project will introduce participants to women and young people in Morocco to see what life for them is really like. We will meet women who work in Parliament, women spreading the concept of Islamic Feminism, and NGOs who work to support women in areas of employment and education. Participants will stay with homestay families allowing them to experience authentic home life and food while in Rabat. While the project is based in the capital city of Rabat, participants will take excursions to both Marrakesh and Casablanca.

  • January 10 - 20 | $3,700

    Morocco trip itinerary and details

    This is an in-person experience coordinated by the Center for Public Service.

Immigration on the US/Mexico Border in El Paso, TX

This trip will focus on immigration and the realities of life on the border. Intending to dismantle the skewed perspectives about immigration presented by the media, participants will meet with border patrol, immigrants living in El Paso, people living in colonias on both sides of the border, human rights workers, and other leaders in immigration reform.

  • January 12 - 20 | $1,700

    El Paso trip itinerary and details

    This is an in-person experience coordinated by the Center for Public Service.

Decolonizing Education in Senegal

At the heart of our project lies the mission to promote decolonial education. By shedding light on indigenous perspectives and untold stories, we strive to challenge traditional narratives and foster a more inclusive understanding of Senegal's history. Join us to explore a curated collection of articles, videos, and personal accounts that uncover the complexities of Senegal's past. Beyond the digital realm, our immersive project offers an unparalleled opportunity to engage directly with local communities, educators, and experts. Through workshops, discussions, and firsthand experiences, you will gain insights into Senegal's ongoing decolonial education initiatives and their profound impact on shaping a more equitable future. Your participation will enrich your perspective and contributes to the empowerment of Senegal's communities, supporting educational resources and scholarships that amplify marginalized voices. Join us in this transformative journey as we bridge the gap between history, culture, and education and pave the way for a more just and inclusive global society.

  • January 10 - 20 | $3,700

    Senegal trip itinerary and details

    This is an in-person experience coordinated by the Center for Public Service.

Sustainability, the Environment & Ecotourism in Costa Rica

This project will dive into the world of Costa Rica’s environmental policies and agricultural practices which sustain the country’s economy. Through conversations and presentations, students will increase their awareness of how organizations influence—and are influenced by—environmental, social, political, economic, and cultural forces. Students will hear from Costa Ricans directly, in addition to the immigrants and migrant workers often not heard or seen in the eco-tourism point of view.

  • January 10 - 20 | $3,500

    Costa Rica trip itinerary and details

    This is an in-person experience coordinated by the Center for Public Service.

Garthwait Leadership Center

Sea Kayaking Leadership Expedition in Baja, Mexico

Join the Garthwait Leadership Center (GLC) for a January Leadership Expedition sea kayaking in the Sea of Cortez along the Baja Peninsula, Mexico. Named on the [World Heritage List](https://whc.unesco.org/en/list/1182/), this protected gulf is one of significant biodiversity and ‘stunning natural beauty’. It is the perfect classroom for paddling and developing the enduring skills you will need to effect positive change in the world. It is also a chance to travel internationally to a truly unique part of our global home.

We will use this once in a life-time expedition to practice teamwork, adaptability, reflection, decision-making, and collaboration.

  • January 9 - 20 | $2,200

    Baja trip itinerary and details

    This is an in-person experience coordinated by the Garthwait Leadership Center.

Eisenhower Institute

The Gender and Leadership Study Trip in Washington D.C.

This study trip explores how men and women lead differently, and how we can learn from each other. Participants will examine their own strengths and opportunities, and learn from professionals in government, business, media, and other areas. This study trip takes place during the January term (J-Term) in Washington, D.C.. Students will participate in small group, interactive sessions with practitioners who discuss their career paths and how gender impacts decision-making and leadership in their professional environments.

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For questions about a January Term immersion experience, please contact the coordinating program for that experience: Center for Public Service, Garthwait Leadership Center, Eisenhower Institute.